As hockey season is winding down we will be tightening up our hours a little to adjust to volume. We are still here 6 days a week to serve you but as of April 1st our hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 10-5

Saturday: 9-1

Sunday: CLOSED


Precision Blades provides quality & consistent skate sharpening using the patented MAXIMUM EDGE finish Process and Profiling system for all types of skates.  This is the same system used worldwide by over 300 professional hockey teams including those in the NHL.   

Precision Blades is the only Hockey Service Centre in Oakville with exclusive membership to the MAXIMUM EDGE skate sharpening and profiling process.  Precision Blades also provides all aspects of skate maintenance for hockey players including blade replacement, holder and rivet replacement, skate baking, punching and skate stretching.   In addition, Precision Blades offers sporting, leisure, and safety equipment sanitization using the FRESH GEAR sanitizing system.


Precision Blades was founded by Paul Boyer and Dr. Thomas Gebeck in Grosse Pointe Michigan in 2011. Paul has been the Head Equipment Manager for the Detroit Red Wings since 1994 and also holds the position of Past President of the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers. 

Paul has partnered with life-long friend Steve Hamel, a former financial services professional, to own and operate the Oakville location. Steve has been involved with Oakville’s Minor Oaks Hockey Association as a coach & trainer since 2003.