More feedback from a new customer. Had a profile done elsewhere and skate did not feel right. I corrected and here's what he had to say....

Hey Steve, I tried out the skates at practice last night after picking them up from you. Huge difference. You fixed them. Thanks!! Felt much better with the balance and the feel of each stride. I appreciate the time you took to show and explain to me what looked wrong with them and then got them fixed before I was on the ice. You're my guy now for me and my two boys. I'm coaching a Rangers team again next year and will absolutely recommend you to parents as the place to go for their skates. See you soon. Thanks! ๐Ÿ‘

Garth Lauer



Feedback from a new customer!

Hi Steve; 

I was in today to get my (and my sons) skates sharpened.  I've been on skates my whole life and played a high level of hockey.  My son and I are on the ice 6 days a week.  We stepped on the ice this evening, took a few strides, looked at each other and said 'WOW'.  There is NO question that this is the best sharpen either of us have ever had!  We won't go anywhere else for now on.

 Keep up the incredible work buddy!




Feedback from a happy customer on his skate profile and sharpen

Some more feedback on profileing and skate modification (punching/strecthing) 11/30/2015


I just wanted to get back to you and thank you so much for the blade profiling on my 10 year old's skates.  You were right, the profiling on his new skates made a world of difference to his skating…like night and day.  We had no idea new skates needed it but will make sure to always check with Precision Blades first. 


Steve is amazing. Steve worked on my son's new skates until they could be worn comfortably. Steve went above and beyond trying to remedy the problem when we were ready to give up on those expensive new skates. I would highly recommend Precision Blades Oakville. Thank you Steve!

  You asked for some feedback on my blades so here it is
"I was first introduced to your technology by Kyle Brodziak when I was in Alberta. I noticed a distinct difference right away.
 As time went on, and I moved to different areas, I was not able to find anyone who sharpened skates this way until I met you at your location.
I am happy to report, that I will not take my blades anywhere else. I scored 3 Goals, and added an assist and was a plus 4 on the evening. I found I had a jump on the other players that I don't normally have. I was able to glide and move better and felt great out there.
  At the end of the game my team rep said
" ok everyone - whatever Carl did to his blades, that is mandatory going forward !" Who knows if they will come to your location. The main thing is other team members noticed a difference as well.
Clearly there is a difference in the way skates are sharpened. Thanks for your help !"
Best Regards,

Got Smelly Equipment?

Got Smelly Gear? Get The Stink Out and Keep Your Equipment Clean and Safe!

Got smelly gear? The smell really is only the part of the problem! Nasty odours are actually caused by mold, bacteria, fungus and allergens. This can be dangerous to athletes at all levels. In fact, in recent years, professional athletes at the highest levels including the NHL, NFL and NBA, have had their careers and lives threatened by antibiotic resistant staph infections such as MRSA. As a result, the National Athletic Trainer Association, Centre for Disease Control and Hockey Canada all recommend that athletic Gear be sanitized PROFESSIONALLY on a regular basis. How do you do this?

Regular washing machines are not effective in doing the trick, and can actually break down and shorten the life of your equipment. There are however special machines that have been created to attack and kill the nasty stuff. An example would be a Fresh Gear Machine. In as little as 20 minutes, sports gear can be properly sanitized using a patent-pending process that does not require any special oils, water, detergent or chemicals.


The machine creates Ozone (O3) - a 100% all-natural gas. It rapidly oxidizes bacteria it comes into contact with, then converts safely back into Oxygen (O2), leaving no nasty side effects for the environment.  This process effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys pollutants, fungi, allergens, and odour-causing agents. And the added benefit is that gear comes out smelling fresh! And not just sports equipment. For example, it can also be used to sanitize lifejackets, seat cushions, horse blankets and public offical safety items such as bullet proof vests and firefighter turn out gear. 

Many people ask how to keep gear smelling fresh after it is cleaned. The key to doing so is keeping it dry! When wet gear is left in a bag after use, it becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria to return. Hanging gear up after each use in a warm dry environment will dramatically help to keep it fresh. Drying racks are an effective way to do this. An added benefit is that it also helps the little ones to make sure they don’t forget anything when they go to the rink!


If you are thinking of getting your gear cleaned, Precision Blades in Oakville provides this important service. Gear can normally be processed the same day without the requirement of an appointment. Visit our website at to learn more!


Skate Performance 101

One of the most important things you can do to maximize the performance of a skater is to ensure their skates are sharpened and profiled correctly. Many people assume that it doesn’t matter where you get your skates sharpened or that new blades are perfect right out of the box. Unfortunately, neither statement is true.

When skates are sharpened, the cutting wheel creates a radius on the bottom of the blade, creating 4 edges. An inside edge and an outside edge on each side of the blade. The deeper the radius, the sharper the blade.  For example, a ½” radius is sharper than 5/8”. A sharper blade provides more traction and bite, but also digs deeper and creates more friction. A shallower radius, while providing less bite, allows for increased speed. The key is to find a radius where the player feels confident on their edges and in control for starts, stops and turns.

Consistency is key! The life span of a poorly sharpened blade can be less than half of blades sharpened and maintained properly. If skates are sharpened properly, the edges of the blade are perfectly square across the bottom where they contact the ice. If they are not square, it creates challenges for the skater. It is also important to remove all burrs from the blade edges and bottom. A simple stoning after a sharpen will not accomplish this, often resulting in a player feeling the skates are too sharp after a sharpen.

People often ask how often skates should be sharpened. As a general rule it is about 5 hours on the ice. That said, if a blade comes into contact with hard objects such as steel or concrete, edges can be worn quickly, so it is important to check the skates after each outing.

Profiling a skater’s blades is equally as important as consistent sharpening. A correct profile means better skater control which maximizes performance. Profiling is matching the blades to each other and to the skater. The profile of a blade is the shape of the blade from heel to toe. The shape should be a constant radius surface, providing optimal blade height for proper pitch.

Skates out of the box rarely have a correct profile. Skates should be profiled when purchased, then once per year thereafter, with profile adjustments throughout the year. While sharpening a skate using consistent pressure will not alter the profile significantly, over the course of 10 to 15 sharpens it may change slightly. So it is important to have them checked periodically.  

Precision Blades is Oakville’s only certified Maximum Edge member. Maximum Edge is a patented sharpening and profiling system used by more than 300 professional teams around the world, including all 30 NHL teams. In fact, every Stanley Cup Champion from the past 15 seasons uses the Maximum Edge finishing process. The Maximum Edge process is different! There are more steps to sharpen and finish a blade and we guarantee that they are perfectly square, every time! Again, consistency is paramount and that is what you will receive at a Maximum Edge location!