Have a look at what some people had to say after providing our service!



Some more feedback and testimonial, from a little guy, as to why you should get your blades profiled! It will make you a better skater and more confident on your edges! And as you can see.....we get the stink out too :)
Hi Steve, 
Ryan had his skates contoured and he says he just "flies" now. He's certainly more balanced. This week he scored two goals. He's house league and they are playing in the rep division so it's been really tough to score. The sharpening has really helped. Thanks so much for all you're help. Ps: his equipment also smells much better‎!



I profiled a pair of skates and this is the feedback I got that very night!

Sean, our 7 year old, got five goals tonight! That's a record. He had many breakaways. Can't wait until Wednesday to see how it helps Ryan. Thanks so much Steve...and I handed one card out tonight!   




Some more feedback on a profile I did this week. The little guy was falling backwards at shooting practice. Half and hour of a little precision grinding and this is what mom had to say.

Hi Steve
Just wanted to give you feedback on my son's skating after having had his skates profiled yesterday. It makes a very noticeable difference in his skating especially when using his edges . I asked him if he liked his new sharpening and he said "it's so much better mommy, I don't feel like I'm going to fall all the time !" Thanks so much!




Hey Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note on the profiling you did on my skates. After I took the summer off from hockey I was excited to test out the new profiling and have to say that it was more than expected. I can't believe that these were actually the same skates! I'm not the strongest skater or most experienced but I really noticed a difference in not only my speed and stopping but also the feel of control as I moved around the rink. I'm going to be back with my son's skates so you can do the same with his and have already mentioned the amazing results to the guys I play hockey with. Thanks for your great work. 




Hi Steve, just wanted to say thanks for the rush contour/ profile yesterday (size 3s). Josh said he had better control on his turns and that he felt like it made the skates lighter (?) And faster. So great news, we will be back....on that note, how often do you recommend we get Joshs skates sharpened? Let me know, thanks.




Hi Steve:

Yesterday you profiled and sharpened my skates (I play one a week with the ladies) and you told me it would make a big difference.

It certainly did.  One of my teammates (who I also played with this past winter) said it was the best game she had seen me play.  My goalie told me I played a great game as did a few of the other players on my team.

I did feel more comfortable out there.

Many thanks.


Hi Steve:


Yesterday you profiled and sharpened my skates (I play one a week with the ladies) and you told me it would make a big difference.


It certainly did.  One of my teammates (who I also played with this past winter) said it was the best game she had seen me play.  My goalie told me I played a great game as did a few of the other players on my team.


I did feel more comfortable out there.


Many thanks.




Hi Guys,

Just got my skates done at and this guy knows his stuff.  Thought I'd pass it along if you want your blades done right.





I am the guy who dropped off the skates on Saturday and picked them up on Sunday morning early. You had to reprofile the skates to fix a problem I was having with the toe of the right skate.

The job you did was unbelievable. The skates are perfect. Actually, I have never felt a sharpening that came out as smooth as these did. You have a customer for life and I did pass this on in the dressing room after the game.

Thanks for your help,




Hi Steve,

I was in yesterday with my son Geoff’s skates and I thought I would pass along some feedback as he skated last night.  He thought they were great and noticed the most difference when he was stopping.  You have another client!!  




Hello Steve

I was the customer who came in Friday evening with 3 sets of skates for sharpening- My skates, my son's skates and a team-mate of his with his skates. You may recall my son was going to be playing for the Oakville Blades that evening and you worked on his to even out the high spots.

Happy to report that he seemed to like the cut. He had the 7/16 cut previously. Not sure what you cut them to but it wasn't all the way to a typical cut (I forget what typical is - 1/2 "?). Matt looked smooth and was skating well. No falls or wipe outs. Almost scored in 4 on 4 OT when he went end to end.

I played on mine Sunday morning and also liked them.

We will be back.

Question: How often should they be sharpened? He played on them Friday night with the Blades, Saturday game in Owen Sound, 2 hour practice last night. He also has a 2 hour practice tomorrow - 1 with the Blades and one with the Minor Midget Rangers.



Hi Steve,

I was in your shop this week for my 9 year old son's skates. Tonight he was on the ice and he is liking it very much. He literally said "the skates want to go faster than my feet", I guess he is sold on your method.  


I will send you a referral for your website/facebook, and see you soon again.




Another true story for your blog. Unknown to K, I had to get a sharpening done at my previous provider last week because his skates had a nick and I couldn't make it out to you. Sorry! It was Prosharp by an experienced guy, but K noticed within about two minutes of stepping on the ice for practice. He came over to tell me something was wrong with his skates. Too funny. I think you really have a secret sauce there!



Hi Steve,

My name is C and I was in to see you the other day with two of my boys skates. I had said to you that one of my boys was really picky. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that he came off the ice and said I don't know what you did to my skates mom but I felt so much faster. It was great and he said that he felt he had more blade on the ice and that it was the best skate sharpening he ever had. So I wanted to let you know that and that I really really appreciate that and that we'll be back! Thanks!


Hi Steve, so my son with the Graffs that you had to shim on one side and that you profiled finally had his first skate with them and he was amazed at the difference. Said he had more balance, felt more secure, said his posture felt better and his right knee which always hurt after skating did not hurt! Very happy with the performance thanks.
My 10 year old was the best player on the team on his first usage of his new profiled skates. Thanks a bunch!



If you have not tried the new skate sharpening shop Precision Blades on Speers I strongly recommend it. I got my skates done there yesterday and I have to say hands down the best. Check out  they have a deal right now 10 sharpenings for 50 bucks. They use the same system that the Red Wings and alot of other NHL teams use. He also has the new equipment cleaning system there as well. Address is 1200 Speers Rd Unit 25 just west of 4th line. Check it out.




Bar-none it is the best sharpen I've had. Straight onto the ice and a perfect edge all way round!

You had me at hello bud.

I will see you next (and every) sharpen.




Hey Steve, great seeing you on Thursday. K really liked the profiling and sharpening. He says he felt a difference and I would agree that he seemed to do especially well at practice last night. His coach commented on his play after practice. Kyle just asked me if I planned to bring the skates to you for regular sharpening - you can't get a much better compliment than that.



Good day guys

A friend of mine (Steve Hamel) just opened a new business – a hockey services business.  The primary thing he is offering is skate sharpening –but it is a very different kind of sharpening.

Attached is his opening announcement email and letters and comments from professional hockey trainers.

Steve sharpened my skates recently and I have to say that it was the best sharpening I have ever had.  I then went back to him and had him install new blades and profile them – I cannot wait to try them out.

Another friend of ours had his 8 year old kids skates sharpened and profiled by Steve.  The kid (Kyle) plays double A.  Kyle told his Dad he noticed a difference and really liked it.  However, the even better endorsement came from Kyle’s coach.  His coach, without knowing about the sharpening, said something like “Kyle is skating better than everR 21;.

Take my advice – it is worth the drive to Oakville!    


Precision Blades set to open September 10th!


Join us for our Grand Opening Events!

Precision Blades is almost ready to open in Oakville, Ontario!

We're thrilled to soon become a part of the exciting hockey community in Oakville and surrounding areas, and look forward to providing exceptional service to players of all ages & skill levels.

Our expert skate sharpening, skate profiling and sports equipment cleaning services are sure to give you that extra edge in your game! 

Stay tuned for more details on our special series of Grand Opening Events!

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