Sharpened Like The Pros

The MAXIMUM EDGE system used by Precision Blades is the most effective way to maximize skater control for hockey and figure skaters. MAXIMUM EDGE is the only process in existence that provides the consistent, predictable results that professionals and  serious skaters demand. 

Skaters should be in control of their skates. Skates should not control the skater. Each and every skate sharpened using the MAXIMUM EDGE process undergoes a rigorous inspection where we check for square and damaged edges.

The Benefits of using the MAXIMUM EDGE system will give you an edge in your game:

* No break-in period after sharpening

* Edges stay sharper, longer

* Reduced friction and fatigue

* Increased speed

* Improved center of gravity

* No skate chatter on stops

* Better control, turns, flows & acceleration

* Increased confidence level in blade edges

Sharpening Pricing:

Skate Sharpening: $9.00 / 10 Pack for $80! Taxes Included!

Goalie Skates:        $10.00

Figure Skates:        $10.00


Skate Profiling

The MAXIMUM EDGE Profiling System increases speed and performance and reduces injury by working through alignment and blade profile.


With our system, the profiles of both skate blades can be matched and we can customize the profile shape and depth of hollow to determine the blade ice contact area.  We will factor in weight, height, alignment, skill level and position played, as well as compensate for any skating problems faced by the skater.  

Profiling Pricing:

Hockey Skates:     $40.00

Goalie Skates:       $50.00

Skate Maintenance Services  

Blade & Holder Changes: Subject to product desired. Step Steel $85.00

Skate Baking: $10.00

Skate Stretching: $15.00

Skate Punching: $15.00

Rivet Replacement: $1.00 per rivet