The VH Advantage

What has VH done for skate making?

It took us over 10 years to develop an efficient, scalable method for the monocoque boot construction for speed skating. Recently, we created an anatomically advanced foot last allowing us to use speed skate production techniques for the production of hockey boots. Because of the complexity of the new foot last, we also developed new production techniques to accurately create the 3D foot last shape. Traditional methods did not have the cutting precision needed to mill the new foot last – we have created that last at VH.

Although, the standard sized boot will fit like a custom boot when heat molded to the customer’s foot, we wanted to take it one step further and design a method for making a truer custom boot, or bespoke boot. What we developed was a technique to create a custom boot from foot tracing and circumference measurements – and this is the same method we use to fit NHL and other Professional Players. This technique has worked exceptionally well for individuals with slight foot deformities, bumps that just can’t be accommodated in a normal skate, high insteps, flat arches and overly wide or narrow feet. 

What make VH Skates different?

The VH Hockey Skate has been introduced with tremendous success, as demonstrated by the dozens of players in the NHL, KHL and other professional leagues that use the skates. The skate is well received because of the following benefits:

FIT-- the fit of the VH skate is unparalled on the market. Because of the way that the skate is manufactured, through a series of tracings and measurements, we are able to achieve the finest custom fitting boot available.

Once the skate is built to the individual skater’s measurements, the next step takes the fit to another level.

The skate boot is a combination of carbon fiber and thermo-formable polymers (i.e. heat formable), allowing for the skater to “custom mold” the skate to their foot. This process ensures benefits such as a great “ankle lock” and exceptional comfort. Many of our customers say that the skate “feels like a sock”.

PERFORMANCE-- because we are able to manufacture an extremely comfortable boot with minimal volume, skating performance is enhanced. When a player makes a cut or turn, the response of the skate is instant. Additionally, the integrated tendon guard is designed in a way to enhance skating performance.

ENHANCED PROTECTIVE QUALITIES--the skate is manufactured with a combination of aerospace grade carbon fiber and polymers that, although being very light, are very hard and durable once formed. The base model of the skate is very protective; however, many professional players have requested us to build another targeted layer of carbon fiber right into the skate that covers the vulnerable bone structures on the medial, lateral or both sides of the foot. Because the skates are custom, we can make this feature available to any skater that wishes to take advantage of this feature.

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